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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 8, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EST

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captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- alisyn: good morning. thanks for starting your morning with us. breaking news out of baghdad. there's been a series of deadly bombs which appear to be coordinated, leaving at least 90 people dead. dominick, tell us what happened this morning. >> yes, you're right. there were three coordinated attacks shortly followed by a fourth suicide bomb against a security post in another part of baghdad. the latest figures we have are 112 dead and 192 injured. that number still rising. the attackers targeted government administration, labor industry, corporate complex and the finance ministry. the finance ministry just moved buildings after the attack in august when 100 people were killed in attack there. another big car bomb in october
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claimed the lives of hundreds of people and injuring hundreds more. the attackers have not claimed responsibility yet although the government we do expect to make a statement shortly indicating it could be al qaeda or al qaeda supporters trying to stabilize the regime here or rather the shi'a-led government under al-maliki. they were expecting an up tick in violence in the runup to elections. in the past few day we heard the parliament is going to be holding elections perhaps toward the end of february. we'll get details on when that's going to be. but the time being security forces are expecting many more incidents such as we've seen today, terrible bloodshed on the streets of baghdad. alisyn: scary stuff it sure sounds like it's connected to the elections. another fox news alert for you. here's a quote. "we're in this thing to win." that's what defense secretary robert gates vowed as he makes a surprise visit to afghanistan this morning. his trip is the first by a cabinet member since president
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obama announced that he's sending 30,000 more troops there. the president says he intends to begin troop withdrawal in 2011. and the senate is expected to take up an amendment today restricting abortion coverage in the health care reform bill. the author of the amendment, nebraska democrat ben nelson, says taxpayer money should not be used to fund abortions. >> i believe that the current health care reform we're debating should not be used to open a new avenue for public funding of abortion. we should preserve the current policies prohibiting the use of taxpayer money for abortion that have existed for more than three decades. alisyn: nelson's amendment appears to have little chance to pass in the senate where it needs a 60-vote majority. the woman whose 200-pound chimp o brutally attacked and disfigured her friend will not face any criminal charges.
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prosecutors say they could not prove beyond a doubt that she risked her friend. nash is suing herald for $50 million, she has undergone several surgeries to try to repair her face. doctors say she will need constant care for the rest of her life. the hat of a hero up for sale. it belongs to captain sully sullenberger. right now the highest bid is $2,600. the hat is not the one that sully wore during his miracle landing. sully says he wasn't wearing any hat during that flight. it's just a different hat. brian: talk about driving the price down. just say you were wearing it how are people going to invest in that. steve: he apparently was wearing a swim cap. people who got on the plane -- brian: which would be a signal not to get on the plane. steve: here's a signal for tiger woods if you're calling your house and wondering where your wife is, tiger's wife turns
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tail. according to radaronline his wife has moved out and has now moved into a nearby mansion. and according to other reports, apparently she has purchased in sweden on a private island approachable only by ferry outside of stockholm a new $2 million house. she bought at the time same week with her sister that apparently tiger hit the hydrant. brian: and news -- that's one great thing about having an identical twin. she knows your tastes and went and bought the mansion. so that's on a small island, get some peace. there's actually a picture. we can't show that, can we? steve: we can't show that. brian: there is a picture of the mansion she is rumored to have bought. after 11 women have come forward -- alisyn: wait. i thought it was 10. brian: i have 11. alisyn: he has been busy. brian: one of those women has moved up to the a-list in las vegas.
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she gets the best table in the best area in the best time. jaimee grubbs. all she had to do was admit to an affair. alisyn: the bigger news is the florida highway patrol said they believed when showed up on the accident scene that tiger was possibly under the influence of alcohol and that he was under the influence of prescription pills. his wife came out and told them that did he have is a prescription for ambien and also for vicodin which, of course, is a very strong painkiller, and that he had been drinking earlier in the day. steve: sure. then you put on top of that the fact that the neighbor said, you know, i saw him out in the middle of the road and he was snoring. according to tmz, their head sideline when tiger woods was admitted to the hospital under an alias of william smith -- not very clever -- but nonetheless, they put him in the hospital on the admissions chart it said it was a suspected overdose and said that he was having trouble
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breathing as well. given the fact that his wife had come out with the bottles of vicodin and ambien. next thing you know they're writing down overdose. brian: and the snoring was probably obstructed breathing. he was interbaited which means they put the tube down your throat. that means he was having -- this is serious. i thought, wow. if they didn't write necessities serious condition the night of the accident -- they just said hit a fire hydrant. they were writing serious. he was in intensive care and having trouble breathing. evidently they say he had his head on a pillow. his wife was sitting there. the back windows had been busted. the front door was jammed. she had dragged him out. and a golf cart was behind the car, the s.u.v. and then it was two gold clubs. alisyn: that explains a lot. he said it was a minor accident. but that's not what the hospital said. sorry. if you're interbaited, you're in intensive care.
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unfortunately we will never really know the results of the blood tests. brian: you know why? alisyn: why? brian: they didn't take the blood test. they.with ad to give the blood test but they said no, which is your right. next day when they came to the house and said let's have your blood test and talk to you, they said no. therefore, when the trooper went up to the prosecutor and said, i think that we should have an investigation, they said, you do not have enough information, i'm rejecting it. so it was a very wise move from tiger's perspective to say no, no, no. steve: a defensive move. meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about this. later today the president of the united states will be appearing at the brookings institute on plas massachusetts avenue in washington, d.c. he's going to be talking about the unemployment problem in this country. this is the same time as there's this new idea being floated around. remember the $700 billion -- brian: i keep losing track. steve: the $700 billion that congress approved in an
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emergency status to save the nation's banks. alisyn: the tarp fund. steve: the tarp fund. it was supposed to bail out the planet. it mainly bailed out wall street. now he's thinking about using some of that money to bailout jobs and in fact create some jobs. alisyn: there's $200 billion left over from the tarp. that's great news. that means that the banks are in better shape than we knew. so it did work it bailed out the banks. they are now propped up. so there's $200 billion left you think, ok, good, that can go to pay down the deficit. obviously that is ballooning and skyrocketing. but no -- critics of this possible plan say, some republicans, that this is a sneaky second stimulus plan. brian: so the brookings institute will be hosting the president today's talks about a jobs package. he's going to be using some of that money -- he might propose using some of that money to stimulate the jobs in this country.
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here he is talking about what he could do now that tarp ended up working. >> tarp has turned out to be much cheaper than we had expected, although not cheap. it means that some of that money can be devoted to deficit reduction. and the question is, are there selective approaches that are consistent with the original goals of tarp? for example, making sure that small businesses are still getting lending that would be appropriate in accelerating job growth. steve: whoa. whoa. hold the phone. did the president finally just talk about small businesses? this is something that we've heard from republicans for a very long time. listen to all of these guys. >> yesterday house republicans sent a letter to the president outlining our ideas to help small businesses create jobs and
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get our economy moving again. >> small businesses are the ones that actually made the payroll. and small businesses are the ones that have actually created a job. >> you need a focus on policy that will help our small businesses grow, create jobs, and get this economy back on track. >> american taxpayers know that we can't borrow our way to prosperity. they know the real economic engine of our society is the small businesses. >> republican leaders have stood for growing an open, bottom-up economy, anchored by the ingenuity and creativity of small businesses across the country. brian: not loin that, sound -- only that sounded much like a republican, offer tax incentives to small businesses that hire people or retain workers. alisyn: talking about tax credits. all the republicans are talking about is giving tax breaks to small businesses, not just in creasing lending to them. you heard one say we can't just borrow our way out. they're still divided on how to deal with small business. steve: the larger issue is, they
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set aside the money to bail out the financial money. that's what the money was supposed -- that's where it was supposed to go. and now, wait a minute, we're not losing as much as we thought, let's put the money over there. does this seem appropriate? where should the money go? should it go to take the tarp money and go ahead and try to stimulate the economy and create some new jobs? even though that wasn't the original intent, or should it pay down the deficit? or should they just give the money back to us and reduce our taxes. e-mail us right now. alisyn: meanwhile, let's talk about another party that may be starting. it's the tea party party. a new poll suggests if there were a tea party party that it would -- steve: the t.p.p. alisyn: in other words if there were a political party, a third party called the tea party, party, that would be more popular than even the republican party it would get 23% of the vote.
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brian: one thing it would do is divide the republican party like ross perot did with george bush and allowed bill clinton to become the 42nd president of the united states. newt gingrich was asked that question about the rise in the tea party and the ground swell movement, especially behind sarah palin, would she he had that movement up. newt gingrich was asked about the feasibility last night on bill o'reilly's show. >> it is about an enormous tidal wave of americans who are in a rage over government spending, over taxes, over the arrogance of politicians, over corruption. and frankly the effect that had this year was to elect chris christie in new jersey and to elect bob mcdonald by a huge landslide, 59% in virginia. if that rage continues, and i think it will, i think john boehner will be the next speaker of the house, i think pe lose is i will end up losing the majority this fall, and i think president obama will be a one-term president. brian: the republicans don't
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want to hear about third party. steve: no. though when you look at that rasmussen poll, when you add up the 23 for the tea party and the 18 for the republicans, it totals up to 41 which is larger than the democrats' number. but, still, those -- some of those people are just people from both sides who are just steamed. brian: 13 minutes after the hour. straight ahead, the perfect solution or plan for financial ruin. democrats close to a compromise on a government-run public option. but how can you cut a program by $500 billion and still expand the number of people it covers? dick morris breaks it down. steve: do you it with magic. that's how do you it. alisyn: then a murder suspect tries to take on the cops in court. [beep] [beep] alisyn: that didn't work. the fights doesn't end well. we're going to show you what happened next. oh, no. i hope the pants are coming offer.
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we should be looking closer to home. we have oil on our shores. natural gas can be a part of the solution. i think we need to work on wind resources. they ought to be carefully mapping every conceivable alternative. there is an endless opportunity right here.
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brian: glad you're up. in an intonight reach a compromise on health care democrats are look at an alternative option of using the hell plan that all federal employees already get. how is that different from the public option? former advisor to president bill clinton, dick morris, has been inside the numbers and talking about the compromise. they're work on behind closed doors with moderate and liberal democrats. right away, dick, they're saying no public option, that's going to make people like senator lieberman happy. what's the truth? >> well, it's a hybrid. like one of those new cars. the federal government has a program which produces insurance coverage for members of congress and other employees in the federal government. and what the government does is the u.s. government goes to private insurers and said, what's your best rate? what's your best premium coverage? what's your best policy
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coverage? and then they list those options, and people who are in the federal system will say i'll take this option from this compy and that option from the other company. the actual insurance is written by a private company, so it's not a government-run company. but the government does play a role in reducing choice and bringing the menu together. so it's a pretty good alternative a public option. brian: so you're for this. and this would allow those who can't afford health insurance to go into that and get the same health insurance congress gets? >> no. no. no. first of all, yeah, they could get the same insurance congress gets and it does deal with the public option, but i'm not for it i'm against it because it's not going to be affordable. people will have to pay $15,000 on average to get this policy. that's what the new policies are going to cost. and subsidies will only be available after lowering the
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middle income people spend 12% of their income in order to get up to a trigger so this still is an unaffordable policy. but it does get around lieberman's objection, which is mine also that you don't want a government-run insurance company. so from that point of view it's a skillful way around the difficulties the democrats face. for me that's bad news because it means the package is more likely to pass with this option in it. brian: we're going to keep you for the next segment. senator rocker fellier says -- rocker fell yar says i won't do anything without it. lieberman says he won't do anything with it. meanwhile, it's fact. fact check time. the democrats released a crib sheet that people can use at heir holidays party to fight so the-called republican myths. fact or fiction, next. i want you to win those chats in the back rooms. meanwhile, a navy seal accused of punching a terrorist is speaking out.
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>> so much sport that it's made me and the other two guys feel very, very, very good about the situation. brian: they are vowing to fight the charges. we're going to talk to judge in a pol pal tan yo -- napalitano next.
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steve: it is now 23 minutes after the top of the hour. here's some quick headlines. good news for parents. zhu zhus pets are safe. they do in fact meet safety standards. the group that had claimed one of the pets was toxic now admits their test did not follow federal guidelines. they used the wrong tests. gretchen: that's good because that thing's been crawling all
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over me on the set. steve: first the cars wouldn't stop. now they won't start back up. this is the latest complaint against toyota. the national highway safety administration is investigating why some corolla and matrix models just stall out on the road. toyota just recalled 4.2 million vehicles because they would suddenly accelerate. brian: the democrats released a crib sheet that people can use at their holiday parties to fight so-called republican myths. "fact or fiction" next. and we're back with dick morris who by the way at those holiday parties he believes you're best equipped carrying "catastrophe" around as a reference point. page 127 -- alisyn: there's a question in there somewhere i'm sure. brian: the question is, is this what you're getting these crib sheets from? >> let me just say that i heard obama earlier in your show saying that we have a choice as
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to what to do with thi tarp mon. should we use it to reduce the deficit or use it to have small business borrow to create jobs? steve: gee. >> flash, mr. president, the reason small business can't borrow is you're borrowing the money to pay for the deficit. if you stopped borrowing the money, they could get money and create jobs. alisyn: all right. meanwhile, let's talk about this handy, dandy card that the democratic senatorial campaign committee released in time for christmas. steve: the crib sheet. alisyn: so if you're at a dinner and you hear one of your republican uncles say to you, if the government takes over -- the government is going to take over health care under the senate bill, it's going to be all government run. your response should be, oh, no, it is not, it is going to give you more options. this is not going to be like great britain and canada, this will help your employer preserve your health care system already. and if you like it you can keep it. what would you say -- what should your republican uncle then follow up with?
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>> he should come back and say, have some more punch. but after he says that he should say, look, the issue is not government owned. the issue is government run. it is true that even if there's a government option, it will be privately owned options. but all of the insurance programs, public and private, would be government run. the government will decide who gets what treatment, at what cost, and under what preconditions. and that will be imposed on private and public insurance companies. and that's just what they do in britain and canada. steve: so now, number two republican lie according to this crib sheet, prepared by the democrats for their own talking points is, you know, republicans say the cost of my insurance will go up under health care reform. and democrats should say -- this is their talking point, false. according to the congressional budget office and an m.i.t.
6:27 am
economist, analysis billower insurance costs for businesses, millions of americans in individual insurance market will see their premiums reduced. that's what the democrats are supposed to say. what say you, mr. morris? >> first i'd say, would you have more turkey? and then i'd say that the reason your rates will go up is that the uninsured are not going to want to spend $15,000 each on buying health insurance policy that they largely don't need. because they're young and healthy. and the fines in the federal legislation of $1,000 are not enough continue to deuce them to pay $15,000 -- to induce them to pay $15,000 for insurance. so they will not get insurance for year after year after year. and then when they get sick, they'll need insurance. and the bill obliges companies to give it to them without raising premiums. who do you think is going to pay that extra cost? your uncle. and i don't mean sam. steve: uncle sam has been a busy
6:28 am
man. dick morris, we thank you very much for joining us today, from stanford, connecticut. of course, his book, "catastrophe," the perfect gift for the christmas season. brian: is the climate conference supposed to be all about mother earth and saving mother earth? so why are that he rifing in gaz-guzzling limo and private jets? alisyn: and a murder suspect going up against shepard smiths. it's -- against sheriff deputies. it's all caught on camera. (announcer) time brings new wisdom new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly... layer that lasts all day ...and no layers that irritate your stomach the way that ibuprofen can. it's tough on your body pain. not on your body.
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maybe one of the most important...
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alisyn: this is a fox news alert. according to a television station in orlando, florida, e.m.s. crews have reportedly responded to a medical call at tiger woods' home overnight. an adult female was taken from the home on, quote, advanced life support. according to the local station firefighters received a call at 2:36 a.m. a radio log showed an adult female was transported to health central hospital. footage obtained by wesh appears to show a blond woman on a stretcher being attended to by emergency services. orange county fire officials were unable to disclose further information about this incident. brian: a local news reporter spotted a black cadillac escalade being driven by a blond woman that also went to health central. the tag number on the sport utility vehicle is just two
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digits off from the escalade that woods crashed the day after thanksgiving. the local news reported, too, the woman has since left the hospital in the s.u.v. steve: that was the person who followed the ambulance. so to recap, at 2:30 this morning the paramedics were called to tiger woods' house. according to a local tv station they have footage that appears to be a blond woman taken out on a stretcher. advanced life support, according to hospital officials. and then that person was transported to the same hospital that tiger woods was taken to the night of this now infamous incident. the back story -- other items in the news today, the fact that apparently tiger woods' wife about two weeks ago bought a mansion in stockholm, a $2 million mansion there. she is right there. and another story out yesterday is that she has moved out of
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that house in florida and moved into another nearby house. alisyn: we had also heard that her mother had come from europe over here to be by her daughter's side because she's distraught. brian: also heard on thanksgiving both mothers were there, tiger woods' mother and elin's mother were there at the time when this whole thing blew up and the accident occurred. steve: that was one report. alisyn: let's pray that everything is ok. we will keep you posted as to those developments this morning. steve: it is 25 minutes before the top of the hour. brian, now the rest of the headlines. brian: all right. let's start with some bad news. a deadly bombing in pakistan has mill -- as militants attack an intelligence office. police tell fox news that at least 10 people dead, 40 injured, several buildings damaged. the taliban claiming responsibility. meanwhile, a suspected u.s. missile strike aimed at a trouble tribal region near the afghan border has killed at least three militants. pakistani official have
6:35 am
protested the strike saying they violate their sovereignty. alisyn: a chicago man charged with helping plan last year's deadly terror attacks. prosecutors say david headley conducted surveillance for a pakistan-based terror group. headley was charged with 12 counts, including six of murdering u.s. citizens in india. headley's lawyer would only say he is still looking at the evidence. the attacks killed 175 people. steve: meanwhile, more people are coming to american amanda knox's defense. cbs news correspondent peter van zant, who has been covering the case for cbs, says he is convinced that the american student did not murder her british roommate. on "the o'reilly factor" last night, van zant talked about why he didn't agree with the guilty verdict. >> the total lack of evidence, the fact that this case began with an interrogation. if it was done at guantanamo bay, would have been the shame
6:36 am
of a nation. she was grilled for 14 hours, 20-year-old honor student, all night long no food, water, no representation. steve: meanwhile a juror in the case says the verdict was, quote, an agonizing decision and none of the members of the jury could sleep the night before. it took more than 11 hours before they reached a unanimous decision that amanda knox was guilty. brian? brian: watch this video. it's of a robbery of a pawnshop in florida. the thief doing his best impression of spiderman comes down through a hole he cut in the roof. the robber ended up escaping with three rifles, two shotguns. police are still looking for the suspect. alisyn: there's courtroom chaos again as an accused murderer becomes enraged during a hearing. wisconsin deputies were about to lead the 24-year-old back to his jail when he tried to break free. deputies throwing him down and
6:37 am
then dragging him out of the courtroom. the deputies had to taser him to get him under control. he's charged with fatally shooting two people outside a bar in jefferson, including an off-duty police officer. he's being held on $1 million bond. those deputies are strong. steve: it is tuesday morning that means we recap "monday night football" with that man. brian: a good game. ravens-packers in the frozen tundra meaning it was cold. temperature 20. the packers' offense remained red-hot. fourth quarter, packers already up three. gerald michael finley, i can't reenact. nobody else would dress up in uniform. three scores including that one. green bay wins 27-14. they're almost a lock for a wild card in the n.f.c., meaning there could be another match-up with the vikings. baltimore falls to 6-5 on the outside looking in at the playoffs. college news turning to pro news. the next coach at notre dame will have to try to turn the program around without two of his best players.
6:38 am
quarterback jimmy clausen and his favorite receiver golden tate say they will bypass their senior seasons and enter the nfl draft. former head coach charlie weis says he thinks the players have a great chance to be successful in the nfl. clausen and tate share the team's m.v.p. awards this season. clausen was highly touted coming out of high school and started right away. steve: meanwhile, let's talk a little bit about something going on in the news. yesterday at this time we showed you live pictures out of copenhagen where that great big global warming summit has kicked off. remember, everybody there is really steamed at big governments and big businesses that emit all of these greenhouse gases. of course, greenhouse gases, or carbon dioxide, emitted by things that burn fossil fuels like cars and airplanes and boats and stuff like that. they hate that we should all take mass transit. that's what they are saying. alisyn: of course. right. so you think all of the people that you see here in the audience would at least be
6:39 am
carpooling to this event to this summit. but, oh, no. the managing director of copenhagen's biggest limousine company says that 1,200 limousines have been ordered to ferry some of these v.i.p.'s to the summit. that's more than the country owns. so limos from hundreds of miles away, in germany are having to be driven in to denmark so that they can take all of these limos, one person at a time, to the summit. brian: 140 private jets, 41,000 tons of c02 will be generated. there's going to be computers used, too. 900 miles of computer labels laid, 100 world leaders attending. everyone has to show up for this. alisyn: one at a time from their limo as they pop out there. steve: and the president of the united states will be arriving, i think december 18. as embarrassing as that statistic is, 1,200 limos
6:40 am
shuttling delegates back and forth. look at this video. americans for prosperity has released this video of the mass transit. there in copenhagen. as you can see, that was supposed to ferry the delegates to and fro and yet they are empty. bum, bum, bum of. brian: we're following the tiger woods story. around 2:30, roughly, this morning someone was taken out on a stretcher. fox news has confirmed it happened. meanwhile, patriots out to support their two navy seals who are charged with punching a terrorist. they're facing a military court martial. what does that mean? what are they exactly facing? judge napalitano will break it down for us. alisyn: then she beat out 1,000 hopefuls if not more. the winner of the victoria's secret model search is here live. in that outfit. steve: brian, are you book the show? brian: i think i am. steve: there she is left. and there's judge napalitano,
6:41 am
right. alisyn: who also broke into the judgeship as a model. steve: she's a tall drunk of water. brian: they're both winners. steve: her favorite book is the bible. brian: look at that. alisyn: the judge is cheating on me. steve: time for our "quote of the day." who said this? alisyn: i know who it is. steve: e-mail us. we'll be back. you could win something special. (woman) dear cat.
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your hair mixes with pollen and dust. i get congested. but now with zyrtec-d®, i have the proven allergy relief of zyrtec®, plus a powerful decongestant. zyrtec-d® lets me breathe freer, so i can love the air™. (announcer) zyrtec-d®. behind the pharmacy counter. no prescription needed. steve: this is a fox news alert. e.m.s. reportedly responded to a medical call at tiger woods' house overnight, about 2:30 in
6:45 am
the morning. and an adult female was taken from the home on, quote, advanced life stort support. we're now hearing she appears to be middle-aged. a black cadillac escalade arrived at the hospital shortly after, and a younger blond woman jumped out. then 45 minutes later tiger woods reportedly went into the hospital. according to local stations, firefighters received that call at 2:36 a.m. a radio log showed an adult fee pale male was transported to the hospital not far from tiger's house. footage obtained appeared to show a blond woman on that stretcher being attended to by emergency services. orange county fire officials are not releasing further information yet. we're working on the story. brian: two of the three navy seals accused in the alleged mistreatment of an iraqi suspect involved in the 2001 sleighings of four blackwater contractors were arraigned yesterday in
6:46 am
military court. the public outrage here at home growing. take a listen to a former navy seal who appeared here yesterday. actually, we'll hear from him a little later, to get right to our guest. it is fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napalitano. people are outraged that these three seals are in this kind of trouble. >> well, look, you can't just file a criminal complaint about somebody without some evidence so presumably somebody in the criminal investigation division of the navy decided there's enough evidence to go forward here, alleging that they struck this detainee while he was restrained -- steve: terrorist. >> well, he haven't been convicted of anything yet so the legal phrase is detainee. then they lied about it. now, if he was injured in the process of restraining him, just like you showed that guy in the courtroom -- if that guy's injured in the process of guards restraining him, too bad. that's a normal injury to the performance of lawful activity. but if they punched him in the stomach while he was cuffed
6:47 am
because they hate what he did and hate what he stands for or because of what he said that might have antagonized them, that's unlawful. and if they lied about it that's unlawful. alisyn: but judge, isn't this just the suspected terrorist's word against the navy seals? how will they get to the bottom of what happened? there's no video tapes no other witnesses. >> that's a great question, and i don't know the answer. but someone in the naval command, in the hierarchy, decided there was enough evidence here to file a criminal complaint. now, as brian said in the intro, a lot of people are furious about this, including a lot of members of congress. some of whom have proposed legislation to prevent this court martial from going forward. that would be an interference with the president as commander in chief because he decides what court martials go forward. steve: in fact, yesterday outside of the naval station where the court martial is being held there were about 100 people who were holding up signs in support for the seals, including, i do believe, one of
6:48 am
the widows of one of the contractors who was allegedly murdered by this guy who says those navy seals punched me in the chest. >> the seals may very well be the most courageous people who performed the most difficult task in all the military. brian: who snatched this guy out of the house without injuring him. >> right. but they have taken the same oath to follow the law, to be honest to their superiors, no matter where the truth may take them so some superior somewhere thinks there's a basis for a charge here. this has to play out. if the case is, as they've told us it is, it will go away, a quitted and even more heroic. but if they did lie or if they did strike this guy in anger while he was restrained, then they'll be convicted. steve: judge andrew napalitano. brian: who do we have on later on "brian and the judge?" >> you and me. steve: what about that woman we saw you with a moment ago? brian: that might be a
6:49 am
last-minute booking. steve: take a look at this note notebook, one of many being sold to parents in school. some parents and administrators are outraged. hmm. alisyn: and then the judge's new girlfriend, i'm distressed about this, beat out more than 1,000 other women to become the new victoria's secret angel as she flew in from heaven to be here live. steve: judge, do you need a bailiff?
6:50 am
6:51 am
6:52 am
alisyn: and now the answer to our quote of the day. alisyn: the answer is rapper 50-cent or as brian says, 50
6:53 am
cents. the winner is kimberly lamb from georgia. good for you. brian: do you have to act like i'm not cool in front of our -- alisyn: it's not acting. brian: remember the classic "it's a wonderful life?" >> look, daddy. every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings. >> that's right. brian: and that is right. it is a wonderful life for one girl because america picked up the phone and made the bells of victoria's secret ring, giving our next guest her wings. alisyn: the newest ainge knell viktor -- angel in victoria's secret lineup beating out more than 10,000 other hopefuls for a shot at the catwalk. kylie, thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. alisyn: speaking of the catwalk. we saw you sache in here like a professional. how did you learn how to do the victoria's secret walk so well? >> i think i was just born with the talent to do it.
6:54 am
i've never had a coach. i've never had a teacher. i don't know. it's all natural. brian: the quest to become the next victoria's secret model was a reality show, every single night. you came here as a finalist. you come back again as a champion. what has life been like for you, the 19-year-old, as your mother-in-law pushed you into this? >> it's been absolutely incredible. it's a whirlwind. i'm flying, actually, straight from here to st. bart to do the swimwear catalogue for victoria's secret. after that i'm doing an autographed signing in chicago. it's just crazy. alisyn: how dot other girls treat you? like heidi klum is she really, really mean to you? >> no. brian: she's too nice. she's been on our show. >> yeah. anyone who knows heidi knows she's an absolute angel. brian: so how do you mesh your old life, smalltown girl born in idaho with this new glamorous life. you list the bible as your favorite book.
6:55 am
>> it is. definitely. i'm a christian. i'm just always going to keep my moral values. i'm a very grounded woman. you know, just a good girl. alisyn: interesting. you say you're a good girl and very grounded. yet, kylie, exhibit a here, your biosays that you like to drive a car, quote, like a crazy person when you're alone. what does that mean? >> drive a car. what? alisyn: that's -- brian: is that not true? alisyn: it says you like to drive like a crazy person. no? >> i am from california, so. brian: so that is true. let me try this one. >> i don't have any traffic tickets though. alisyn: all right. brian: so you go a little fast. you also like to scuba dive. would you like to deny that? >> i am advanced open water scuba diver. brian: that is awesome. what you would be doing under water, i don't know. alisyn: you're a newlywed. what does your husband think of this new life of yours that's going to take you away?
6:56 am
>> he's so excited for me, so supportive. it's victoria's secret so there's a little excitement there. brian: is he going to make the trip with you? is your mother-in-law, who prompted your admission into this contest is she also taking the trip to st. bart's? >> no. i have to go alone. but she is getting $1,000 for victoria's secret because i get a $5,000 gift card. i'm going to give her $1,000. brian: that will save you on christmas shopping. wrap and it put it under the tree for me. alisyn: good luck with your new life. thanks so much for coming in and telling us about it. >> of course. brian: america loves these stories. anything could happen. i don't dislike them either. alisyn: that's right. thanks, kylie. meanwhile, very serious news and breaking news. a woman described only as blond has reportedly been rushed from tiger woods' home early this morning. an eyewitness is going to join us live in two minutes. . brian: what is going on there? then if the tea party became a political party, would you vote
6:57 am
for their candidate? we're going to talk to a tea party participate, the one who took on a cnn reporter. and -- alisyn: the video has gone viral. the entire staff at one hospital is dancing for a cure. and you will see thumper form right here with their pink gloves and all, live. .
6:58 am
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alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, december 8th. a woman has been rushed from tiger woods' home in florida this morning. reports say this was a middle-aged blonde woman. her identity is not known at this time. we will have the very latest details from an eyewitness at the scene.
7:01 am
brian: wall street paying back $200 billion of the bailout money that you gave them. president obama already has a plan to spend it. that plan sounds very familiar. steve: new internal report says a controversial community group acorn broke no laws even though members were caught on tape doing some very disturbing things that were probably against the law to some. find out why the interim review has many crying foul. "fox & friends" for a tuesday, the second hour starts right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute brian: as we just told you, a scary situation again over in orlando at tiger woods' home it turns out -- this by the way is brand new video. watch it together from a local station there wkmg. this is a blonde woman we understand. we understand eyewitness believed to be that she is a middle-aged woman. taken by ambulance they say at around 2:30 this morning from
7:02 am
what is thought to be too tiger woods' home. certainly his neighborhood. steve: that's the headline. that woman arrived at the hospital from tiger woods' house. joining us on the phone right now is jason who is an eyewitness. he was at the hospital. jason, tell us what you saw. we see a woman on a gurney. >> yeah. i'm here at the hospital at 10,000 west colonial in orange county, florida here, orlando. i watched this lady come in. not really -- doesn't seem any different to me. looks like someone come in on a stretcher. i start to hear seems like an uproar around the area. i drive around the other side of the hospital. as i do, i see this black escalade pull up just knocked out escalade looks amazing. i can't help but think of tiger woods and family through this whole week. i live in orlando. i have been putting up with this. it's been about tiger seven, 10 days at a time. it's not my room to say whether
7:03 am
it's right or wrong but, naturally picked my interest. so as i see the woman get out of her vehicle, i notice black escalade now i'm watching a petit, excuse me, very nice looking blonde woman get out of vehicle. alisyn: i have to interrupt you. is she running? is she distressed? is she crying? what's her mood? >> she is not distraught at all. maybe a little bit serious if i had to assess the situation. i would say maybe she was a little bit serious but no panic in her at all. no running. she looked like maybe she could have some concern on her face but she had her head down. and just walked toward the hospital. then i kind of noticed her take a little detour around the front and then she disappeared from my sight. later i'm wondering what's going on. i have to say that, you know, in my mind i really thought it was her. it was the first thong that popped in my head. alisyn: you thought it was elin, his wife?
7:04 am
>> yes. steve: as the person that got out of the escalade and went into the hospital after the other woman was previously transported in, right? >> this is correct, yes. there would have been somewhat more mature woman that was put on the gurney and taken into health central hospital and as i pulled around i noticed the escalade pull. in not a real lot of hurry. then i watched the blonde petit woman exit the very nice black escalade. then i seen news trucks starting to show up. and the guys are listening to scanners. they hear it's happening from tiger's house. quite a coincidence it seemed like to me. brian: we are watching this footage right now. the rescue workers are not working on her did. you notice people wheeling her in or did you notice some emergency workers working on the woman? >> i actually noticed her being wheeled in. it did not look like they were in a hurry as well to note that it did not look like they were in a panic. the woman looked very calm.
7:05 am
possibly sedated. i can't say that obviously. but she did not look like she was in any pain or that anyone was performing any sort of medical treatment on her. steve: sure. we could see from the video. there is the escalade where the younger blonde woman hopped out of. we saw the woman being transported via the gurney go into the hospital. you can tell that she had been attended to because she had an iv drip bag on the gurney. alisyn: it looks less serious than the original reports that it was advanced life support. so we do have a reporter on their way to the scene and we have more details on this and just what state this woman is in and who, if we can find out,it is. steve: thank you for joining us from the hospital. five minutes after the top of the hour. alisyn: more breaking news to tell you about this morning. a series of barometers in baghdad coordinated ripped through the city. leaving at least 112 people dead. joining us live from baghdad is dominick. what is the latest at this hour?
7:06 am
>> that number we have is correct. 112 dead. but at least 200 people injured after three bombs were timed to go off different times in different parts of baghdad. women and children on their way to morning market amongst the dead. the target was government installation, particularly the labor ministry, the finance ministry and also a courts complex. this probably the work of al qaeda or against the she a led government. we have had no confirmation from the authorities who they believe is responsible nor has any other organization claimed preponderance responsibility for the attacks. clearly we believe there is going to be a date for elections soon to be announced sometime in early march not february as we thought this could trigger sectarian violence. we have heard authorities here there will be uptick in violence as we move towards the election and possibly much blood after the elections as well. they are very concerned about that they will be watching the situation very closely as they
7:07 am
try to keep to their withdrawal deadline of u.s. troops out of iraq. certainly a large number by the end of august and eventually fulfilling the deadline set by the obama administration of 2011. we will see whether that happens given the space of the indication of the violence we may have going ahead with today's attacks. alisyn: all right dominick. another story. robert gates made a surprise visit to afghanistan. evidence said we are in this to win. the first cabinet member since president obama announcing he would send 30,000 more troops to afghanistan. he will begin troop withdrawals in july of 2011. this as two hearings continue today. four police officers fox news alert a coffee shop will be remembered as heroes today. 20,000 people are expected to pass the tacoma dome where funerals will be held.
7:08 am
three hour procession will carry the bodies from the arena to the air force base. greg richards, tina griswold, ronald owens and mark renninger. shot and killed maurice clemmons after a two day manhunt. celebrate mass in saint peters basilica at 10:00 p.m. instead of the usual midnight it changed the schedule two months' ago to ease the folks fatigue at a time when there are many ceremonies and commitments christmas time. the vatican said there is no worry to worry about the 8-year-old's health. we just told you last week about the world war ii metal of honor winner who is fighting to keep a flag pole in his front yard. now the white house is weighing in. a homeowner's group wants ben bar foot to take the poll -- pole down. here is what press secretary robert gibbs had to say about
7:09 am
this? >> i think it's silly to think that somebody that's done that can't have a flag pole and show the proper respect and appreciation that any flag deserves by flying that in their neighborhood. alisyn: homeowner's association sets flag pole violates the neighborhood's aesthetic guidelines. a deadline is set for 9-year-old veteran to remove the flag pole. steve: let him keep the flag pole. how many medal winners do they have in that complex? >>no president obama going to the brookings institute later today. he will be talking about jobs. we know that his approval rating has dipped down to 47%. which is the lowest of his administration. the unemployment rate is still at 10%. he has all these numbers. speaking of numbers, $700 billion. that's how much he had -- actually, george bush and then his administration set aside to
7:10 am
bail out wall street. now apparently we are not going to lose as much on that tarp program as we thought. so they have got some great ideas in washington. brian: they want to take between 70 and $200 billion and start with some job programs. start with infrastructure programs. create some tax credits for small businesses. they want to start stimulating the economy. can he use this legally, the tarp money, that was put to bail out wall street. scan he help out small business? mike pence says for them to use tarp money for anything other than deficit reduction is a violation of the law. alisyn: brian, it's interesting you say they want to start stimulating the economy. wasn't the stimulus money designed to do that, that was $787 billion. supposed to do the thing same thing the president is now talking about. building roads, shovel ready projects, building up infrastructure. that 787 wasn't enough. some republicans think this is a back door way to get a second
7:11 am
stimulus. first, let's listen to the president talk about tarp. >> tarp has turned out to be much cheaper than we had expected, although not cheap. it means that some of that money can be devoted to deficit reduction and the question is are there selective approaches that are consistent with the original goals of tarp? for example, making sure that small businesses are still getting lending that would be appropriate in accelerating job growth? steve: it's all about jobs now. we set the money aside to bail out the financial services industry according to quitener it worked. fantastic. if you are going to do that why
7:12 am
would you divert the cash to do something completely different. that's got people upset. brian, look at how well has the federal government done with the bailout programs? cash for clunkers? those cars each cost something like $20,000. alisyn: it increased car sales. steve: what about bailing out a.i.g.? that hasn't. brian: lost 0 billion there. they don't look to get that back. they did get some of the money back from all the major banks, lent about. steve: 116 billion. brian: citibank and wells fargo are just about ready to pay back. small businesses, republicans have actually been saying that for a year let's focus on small business. they are the ones that hire and the engine of the economy. the money we are getting back from tarp. where should that money go? to jobs? paying down the deficit? what do you think? alisyn: it's $200 billion. what would you do with it? and we don't want to hear about your christmas list. steve: keep in mind, that program is still going to lose
7:13 am
billions and billions and billions of dollars. it's not going to lose as much. email us at alisyn: e.p.a. just greenhouse gas a threat to your health. is the warning full of hot air. senator james inhofe in just two minutes. brian: have you seen this video? doctors, nurses, custodians all dancing in pink gloves. their story. and their dance are saving lives. coming up, they will perform live right here. it is a "fox & friends" exclusive and you are getting a sneak preview.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
steve: major environmental news from the e.p.a. they have declared that greenhouse gases. in particular, carbon dioxide are a danger to the public, the welfare of all of us, and our health. >> i'm proud to announce that e.p.a. has finalized its
7:17 am
endangerment finding on greenhouse gas pollution and has now authorized and obligated to make reasonable efforts to reduce greenhouse pollutants under the clean air act. steve: ok. this move opens the door for the e.p.a. to begin regulating carbon dioxide emissions. is that a good or a bad thing? joining us right now from our nation's capital is james inhofe. good morning, senator. steve: when you hear that they are going to regulate carbon dioxide. >> it's not that simple. steve: it's not that simple. >> no. the person we just saw was lisa jackson, a very nice person. she is the head of the e.p.a., she is obama's appointee to the e.p.a. now, what she is doing, they have been talking about an endangerment finding now for months. and just last week, when all of this climate gate came out, she was in front of our committee. and i said now that the ipcc, this is the united nations, they
7:18 am
are the ones that started all of, this they are the lead scientists in this thing, now that they have been exposed, are you going to use that science in an endangerment finding? and she didn't answer for a linger time. she finally said yes. now, how can you do that when it's totally based on ipcc science, which has been debunk now officially. so, now, then question. you can have endangerment finding and then about two months from now they will start the lawsuits coming and they are going to try to have stationary emissions controlled and all of that it's to be tied up in courts for years. steve: senator, ok. it's not coincidence we hear about this on the day that the copenhagen save the planet summit is starting. is this not just -- and you were on this program a couple of weeks ago saying cap and trade is dead. isn't this essentially a sneaky way of the e.p.a., the drafings saying, you know, we're going to start regulating the carbon
7:19 am
dioxide? this is a sneaky way of doing that. >> that's true, steve. president obama didn't want to have to do it himself. he wanted congress to do it and pass this legislation. so, when the huge taxes hit everybody and the jobs are lost he could say well, congress did it. i didn't do it. so this is a last ditch effort. he is going to make this announcement. the announcement is already made in copenhagen. this is a way that he is going to satisfy them. but, again, this is going to create lawsuits and people and i don't think this is going to happen. the main thing here is that people of america have to understand that this is a real serious scandal. the u.k. telegraph, which is the largest paper over there they said it's the worst scientific scandal of our generation. this is a big deal. steve: we have been talking about it on this program. senator inhofe, we thank you very much for trying to explain what happened. i shouldn't have said sneaky. i should say it was an executive way of having the e.p.a. handle
7:20 am
the core bon dioxide emissions. >> you were right in the first place. steve: trying to be fair. thank you for joining us live this morning. >> thank you, steve. steve: a woman rushed from tiger woods' home to the hospital in the middle of the night. why have a reporter live from the hospital after this break with all the late breaking details. also a new poll shows a tea party party would get more support than the republican party next year's election. one tea party goer says she is not surprised. we are going to talk to her coming up next.
7:21 am
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7:23 am
brian: a new was muffin poll caught our eye and probably yours it shows there was an actually tea party party, if there was actually one, it would
7:24 am
garner more support than the republican party. alisyn: here is the hypothetical question that was asked in the poll. our next guest is a would be tea party party supporter. cathy, thank you for joining us. so you would be one of these people voting for a tea party candidate. what does that candidate say or know that regular republican candidates are not saying? >> well, the republican candidate that would have a tea party point of view would be someone who is strongly conservative, who believes in less government interference no taking over of private enterprises and less spending, less debt.
7:25 am
and, you know, barack obama and the democratic congress has really, they have done a great job of community organizing because they have organized the republicans into a movement that is -- we're speaking out. we're not going to take the same old republican candidate anymore that waffles and changes their mind and goes back and forth. so, we want someone who is strong that we can trust and we can believe in. and i think that the tea party movement is letting the g.o.p. know that it's time to give us candidates that we can believe in and rally for. the administration was not taking you serious i think they have to now. you were on our show in april. you got in a bit of a tussle with a cnn reporter. whatshas that done for you personally this made you pretty recognizable if the tea party movement.
7:26 am
you know, it's caused me to speak out more. and not to be afraid because i saw results from actually speaking up to that reporter. and i think that a lot of tea party movement people, even though i'm a follower of the tea party movement i'm not really a participant in in it in terms of leadership. but it's brought a lot of people off of their couches. they are out there and fighting against this democratic congress and fighting against barack obama. we just don't want to take it anymore. alisyn: you know i read cathy. and the g.o.p. alisyn: go ahead. >> the g.o.p. really is going to listen to us finally. the new york race taught them something. it goes down to the local level. when local g.o.p. candidates and leadership go in a back room and pick somebody that doesn't have
7:27 am
conservative credentials and they support them and put them out to run, people are not going to go in lock step and listen to what they say. alisyn: that's what happened in new york's 23 congressional district in that recent race. >> right. alisyn: what you guys are sick of is that politicians are usually wealthy. they are usually connected people. and you want to bring it back to regular people who don't necessarily have connections. it sounds at times as if you are describing sarah palin. is she your ideal tea party candidate? >> um, she, to me, is an excellent tea party leader. she has the same ideology as most conservatives and republicans within the country. there is a lot of debate on whether she should run for public office or if she could do a lot better as being an organizer and a leader of the
7:28 am
party. brian: gotcha. >> too early to tell for 2012. brian: cathy, do you a spokesperson as well. brian: cathy, thanks so much for coming out and talking about the movement that's catching everybody's attention. thanks, cathy. alisyn: thanks so much, cathy. >> thank you. steve: this is a fox news alert. ambulances reportedly responding to a medical call at tiger woods' home in orlando, florida overnight taking an adult female to the hospital. joining us with very latest now from the health central hospital in orlando is steve from our affiliate wolf. steve, do we have any idea hot woman is who was transported to the hospital from tiger's house? >> >> we don't have that confirmed yet. there is speculation this may be tiger woods' wife's mother. so tiger woods' mother-in-law who was taken here. we do know she had some blonde silver hair. we know this did not look like
7:29 am
the star golfer or his family member or mother who had reportedly been staying at his house. we know from a source inside the er here that the woman has been released. there was a 911 call to the home around 2:30 this morning it was right around that time when ambulances went there and transported this one patient here to the hospital. and interestingly, after about a few minutes later once the ambulance arrived, a black escalade pulled up with a witness tells us an attractive petit blonde female. we are not exactly sure from this witness if this was elin, tiger woods' wife. but when we checked the license plate number on that black escalade is t. is only one digit off from the black escalade involved in this crash that tiger woods' was involved in both registered to general motors. could be a loaner vehicle. too much similarity to ignore. a strange morning here in the exclusive neighborhood in orlando. we know though that this call did go into the tiger woods' home and that is coming from a source very close to this call.
7:30 am
we're live in orlando, steve, back to you. steve: all right: steve, just to recap, something that you mentioned, the woman that was brought to the hospital in the middle of the night, she has since been released, correct? >> yeah. we have a source inside the er here that says that woman has been released. i haven't been able to see anyone come or go from here or seen that black he is laid back here again with supposedly tiger woods' wife. that escalade is now long gone. that was 3:00 a.m. this morning. steve: steve from orlando. thanks very much, steve. alisyn: another breaking story for you. deadly bombing in pakistan this morning leaving at least 12 people dead. this is video just in of the aftermath. militants warmed hand grenades and car bomb attacked an intelligence office. the taliban is claiming responsibility. meanwhile, a suspected u.s. missile strike aimed at a
7:31 am
troubled tribal region near the afghan border has killed at least three militants. pakistani officials say they have broken the violated their sovereignty. brian: historic day on the bay state of massachusetts. voters heading to the polls for democratic primary as they try to pick a successor to senator ted kennedy. molly line is inside apology station. what are the candidates doing if the final hours to try to make that difference? >> all retail politicking now. the attorney general, martha coakley the most recognize recall figure in this race received keynote endorsement from president clinton who received a phone message that went out to voters. michael, a long time congressman from the state also out there shaking some hands. steve, the multi millionaire, self-made multi millionaire investor here. co-owner of the celtics out shaking hands common areas of boston just trying to make that final connection with voters in niece final voters.
7:32 am
allen casey, the founder of city, is he middle of a 40-hour blitz. he will sleep in the polls close close. heading into the special election now scheduled for january 19th. that's when the race will really get interesting after today once the primary decisions are made. back to you. brian: what could this all mean for health care? >> well, you know, these candidates all have just slightly varying degrees on what they say they will do as far as the health care vote is concerned in the senate. they are all for a public option. michael said essentially that he has a nuances opinion on this. that he wants to see the final bill. steve says he will be a reliable 60th vote. in essence, it's very likely that heading into the -- they all talked about taking up ted kennedy's man tell. it's just who will do to the furthest extent. back to you. brian: always a vote there seems. thanks a lot.
7:33 am
a gruesome story and a follow-up. steve: yes, indeed, brian. the woman whose 200-pound chimp brutally attacked and distig figured her friend will not face any charges. connecticut prosecutors say they could not prove yard that sandra herald disregarded the risk to her friend char la nash. the case could still be tried in a civil court. she is suing herald for $50 million. she has undergone several surgeries to try to repair her face and doctors at the cleveland clinic say she will need constant care for the rest of her life. alley? troubled troubled troubled times for the cast member family ties. 28-year-old brian bonsall was arrested for assault. he got into a fight and hit a friend a part of a broken wooden stool. seen here in 1989 cast photo allegedly told officers he had been drinking and doesn't remember what happened. he is best known for playing the
7:34 am
youngest ke. >> ton andy on the show. steve: former president george herbert walker bush used gold scissors expanded that carries his name in texas. the 41st president or 41 as is he referred to former world war ii navy pilot who survived being shot down over the pacific. and as you can see that took place yesterday down in texas. all right. bribe kilmeade time for sports. brian: that's where you are wrong. time for sports perhaps on the toss. helping to bring the sports home today, we say goodbye to intern christine. she is junior at nyu. she is calling it quits. she has learned enough. she is hitting the road and go back and party like crazy at college. christine, get over here.
7:35 am
weather or sports you made the wise choice with sports. here in your hands are a bunch of vowels and con son nantz. make them sing as we start with football. >> start with monday night football. ravens and packers the defense remains hot. up three. aaron rogers finds findlay here for the score. rogers 263 yards and three touchdowns. green bay wins 27-14. they are almost a lock for the wild car in the nfc. baltimore falls to 6-5. and on the outside looking in at the playoffs. the next coach at notre dame is going to have to try to turn around the program without two of its best players. quarterback clausen and his favorite receiver tate say they will by pass senior seasons and enter the nfl draft. former head coach charlie weis says he thinks the players have a great chance to be successful in the nfl.
7:36 am
clausen and tate share the team's most valuable player award last season. brian: wow. finally christine, another look at college sports. let's talk about heisman. >> tim tebow may not win the heisman trophy this season but he will make history. this after finalist for record third time in his career. colt mccoy comes to new york as the odds on favorite. other hopefuls with a good shot alabama running back mark ingram and tony gearhart from stanford. and no one from nyu made the cut. brian: that's unbelievable. >> i don't play football. brian: you don't? that's shocking to me. christine what do you want to do? what do you think you will walk away from internship. >> i learned so much here. the staff, everyone has been so helpful. i know i learned a lot to prepare for my career in
7:37 am
broadcast journalism. brian: some nuggets of advice steve has offered along the way or you studied broadcast style. >> i learned just how to do the job well and have fun while do you it. brian: she can spin. alisyn: how steve takes his coffee. [ applause ] brian: thank you very much. good luck at nyu. for $50,000 you could go to nyu. you need very good grades, christine. congratulations. >> thank you. steve: she is going back to school. the difference between college and grammar school. a report tomorrow with number 2 led pencil. there is no list of supplies. you show up, you take notes. brian: now i know where where he is going. steve: three missouri schools apparently complained that the materials they received from the supply company, hey, wait a minute, they have got the barack obama logo on them. alisyn: they look awfully
7:38 am
familiar. not only logo but slogans. change we can believe. in there is the logo. at the bottom. steve: that's a notebook it looks like. alisyn: others like this. you can imagine some parents are upset about. this mostly the schools are complaining to the supply company that they are fisting the position on them. steve: indoctrination. brian: they do say it's a mistake and they are trying to get the supplies out as soon as possible. steve: you know what? we would like to have a do-over but that was just a big accident. alisyn: that's not a typo. that's intentional. you don't get that whole logo and the message on there by mistake. steve: isn't that the obama logo. forget about the slogan change we can believe. in isn't that just about the -- if that's not the exact logo it's something very, very close. brian: either that or a patrol
7:39 am
car proctor and gamble logo. alisyn: what is that? steve: a notebook. other supplies as well that had some stuff. is this appropriate or was it a big fat accident? email us at brian: you have all seen these undercover videos showing acorn workers who offered advice on how to hide hide assets. another investigation says they did nothing wrong. alisyn: get ready to dance, everybody. ♪ alisyn: this is a live shot, because the folks who made the pink glove dance famous on the internet are here live. you won't see them do this group dance anywhere else.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
alisyn: is an internal investigation letting acorn off the hook? the report found no illegal activity, despite all of the undercover videos it seemed to show alleged corruption. also worth noting acorn was the one who paid for this outside review. "wall street journal" columnist john fund is here. this is a two-month investigation. it yielded a 47 page assessment. it what is the headline from this assessment? >> the headline is acorn is being investigated by the louisiana attorneys generals office and by several inspector generals of federal agencies. i will wait for those reports that acorn didn't pay for. alisyn: because they paid, scott harsh burger to do this internal
7:44 am
investigation for them. what he found is number one that they need an ethics officer moving forward. >> surprise. alisyn: to oversee stuff. also that acorn may not have moved fast enough to institute reforms. these are not exactly the harsh punishments that some are calling for. this report only looked at the videos. it's technically true that because the employees of acorn said of course we will help you shield your income from prostitution. and of course we will help you figure out ways to evade it, that, you know, because they didn't act on it, no illegal activity took place. but there is a whole bunch of other problems that acorn has, for example, audit of its books. they don't audit their books. the acorn board members the acorn 8 who say there is enormous amount of improper activity that would be uncovered if you looked at their books. in addition this book doesn't look at acorn housing. it is a separate organization. acorn house something part and parcel of acorn.
7:45 am
so this report is basic layoff white wash because it looks only at what acorn wanted to look at very narrowly. alisyn: it does say, however, that the report recommends that acorn hire more financial staff and auditors. so what you are saying these are all kind of rose recommendations that the report found. >> basic structure is the problem. taken charitable tax contributions we pay for those and then it converts them to political activity. this report doesn't address acorn's tangled web where they basically are using tax deduction money for politics. alisyn: this of course we are going to be making progress and following these guidelines. yet, states are still investigating them. isn't congress still doing an investigation? >> congress yanked federal funding from acorn although the obama justice department said all existing contracts to acorn have to be paid. i will wait for the attorney general's investigation.
7:46 am
remember, their offices were raided in louisiana. their subpoenas out for all of their documents. i think that's the investigation that really will count and we have to just wait for that one. alisyn: then what happens? let's say that one is -- acorn doesn't go away, does it? >> it depends how much they find. acorn is 200 front groups. you have to -- it will take months to figure that out. acorn is such a tangled web. the joke inside acorn is left hand doesn't know what extreme left hand is doing. alisyn: thanks for coming on to explain all of this. we have a special treat coming up for you. have you seen this video? ♪ you were my only ♪ you won't be lonely. alisyn: doctors, nurses and janitors all dancing in pink gloves. their story and their dance are saving lives. coming up, they will perform live right here for a "fox & friends" exclusive. ♪ down ♪ down ♪ baby are you down, down, down
7:47 am
♪ down ♪ down ♪ even if the sky is falling down ♪ d foe t , ew cal thly% raeer swes ne llll ju caesac tuav thci usve n suyo rand tuswne swta™
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
steve: well the latest youtube sensation, have you seen it? does more than entertain, it also saves lives. one month ago over 200 staff members from saint vincent medical center thought portland, oregon came together to make a dance video to raise awareness of breast cancer. take a look at this. ♪ baby, are you down, down, down ♪ steve: that is how it starts. and that video now has more than 4 million hits since it was posted. emily summers is the product
7:51 am
manager for medicine line's pink glove product. and marty moore is the chief nursing officer of saint vincent hospital. they are joined by as you can see in the back ground the club dancers. this is fantastic. , emily, you are the product manager for the company that makes she's pink gloves. so,. >> yeah. steve: a good way to get the word out about the pink gloves and breast cancer awareness month was to contact the hospital. what was the reaction? >> what was their reaction? steve: um-huh. >> their reaction was that they were ecstatic. the hospital couldn't be more excited to partner with us to help put together this video to raise awareness. steve let's talk about the video. i have watched it. and it is fantastic. it brought a tear to my eye. how did you convince all those members of your hospital staff to work for two days in their off time to put together this video where they are doing something they are not, you
7:52 am
know, particularly good at per se and that is dancing? >> first of all, there was no convincing. i just sent an email out saying here is what we are doing. it's a great cause. let's show them what our team spirit is about here. i had people showing up from all over the place. steve: that's great. what has the reaction been that you have heard from this because as i just mentioned a moment ago, over 4 million people around the planet have tuned in to watch your hospital employees dance with the pink gloves. >> you know. i want to tell you that we have been touched and blessed by the reaction. we have received calls, letters, emails. every single one of those stories have touched our hearts. it just brings back how interconnected we are. we have had calls from around the world. we have had letters and emails from around the world. it's just been absolutely amazing. steve: i understand you are going to be donating a portion of the proceeds to whom? >> that is correct.
7:53 am
we are donating a portion of the proceeds of the pink gloves to the national breast cancer foundation. steve: that's terrific. you have all those people up in the middle of the night. it is 4:53 out there in oregon. ladies, why don't you step out of the way and we will watch some of the dancing. all right. there they are right there. steve: this is fantastic. ♪ baby, don't worry ♪ you are my only ♪ you won't be lonely ♪ even if the sky is falling down ♪ you'll be my only ♪ no need to worry ♪ baby are you down, down, down ♪ down ♪ down ♪ baby, are you down, down, down, down, down ♪ down, ♪ even if the sky is falling down ♪ woo, woo ♪ the sky is falling down
7:54 am
♪ ♪ baby, are you down, down, down ♪ down ♪ down ♪ even if the sky is falling down ♪ down ♪ down ♪ you ought ought to know ♪ tonight is the night to let it go ♪ put on a show ♪ i want to see how you lose control ♪ so leave it behind ♪ because we have a night to get away ♪ steve: amazing pictures this morning. 4:54 in the morning out in
7:55 am
portland, oregon. the employees of saint vincent hospital out there doing a reprise of their video. this has gotten 4 million hits on youtube. it's all to raise awareness for awareness month. and they certainly have done just that ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. very nice. all right. it's five minutes before the top of the hour. what's coming up, guys? alisyn: that was great, steve. meanwhile, we are following the breaking news out of florida for you where a woman was taken from tiger woods' home and rushed to the hospital. she has now been released. we still don't know who she is. we will talk to an eyewitness at the top of the hour. brian: climate conference in copenhagen supposed to to be about saving mother earth why are they arriving in gas guzzling limos. alisyn: brian, it's contagious. brian: now from the pink glove
7:56 am
dancers. brian: are they still scrambled? alisyn: come on. ♪ you won't be lonely. brian: how are we doing? brian: i can't get my gloves on. they are too small. ♪ down ♪ baby are you down, down, down, down ♪ down ♪ down. . . .
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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute alisyn: good morning, everyone. it is tuesday, september 8 -- december 8. a woman has been rushed to the hospital from the home of tiger woods. she was just released. we do not know who she is. we will have the latest for you. steve: in the meantime, wall street has paid back $200
8:00 am
billion in bailout money and president obama already has a plan to spend the extra? find out. brian: who is about to become the world's first big carbon billionaire? could it be al gore? "fox and friends are also friends of the earth because they never drive their limousines to work." steve: alright, welcome aboard, folks. tuesday morning and we have got allison camarata by and for gretchen. that woman there, taken by ambulance to the hospital from tiger woods' home. paramedics responded to the call there at 2:30 in the morning.
8:01 am
we do not know the identity of the woman. she is described as being in her 50's, with gray hair. brian: we know that his mother a lot and mother were staying at the mansion, and that it was closely followed by a black escalade. the women seemed to look like the wife of tiger woods. jason, described again, for those just tuning in, what you saw with a woman being wheeled in on a stretcher? >> good morning. like i said, the woman on a stretcher did not seem to be such a big deal. you see that every day at the hospital. as i got around the corridor by
8:02 am
saw the black escalade. with all of the tiger woods news around here, you see a black escalade, it is kind of a joke here in orlando. you say -- there is a tiger. the next thing that i knew there was a blonde, a petite woman stepping out, matching the description of tiger woods' wife very closely. i have got to say, my jaw kind of dropped. she appeared to be not frantic, but concerned. she was not out of control. she did not have anyone with her. when she was alone. after hearing other people talking, i was aware that the mother-in-law was in town. i started jumping to my own
8:03 am
conclusions. >> you thought that maybe it was his mother. were you able to see the moment where the stretcher went into the hospital? what was the condition of the woman on the stretcher? >> i am no doctor, but she appeared to be stable. tucked in by blankets, maybe. i understand that there was an iv hanging from her arm. i know that would relay advanced life support. i know that little bit about an emergency medicine. steve: right. so, the woman was transported by ambulance to the hospital. then a woman in a black escalade, just a couple of digits away from the infamous
8:04 am
escalate. did you hear the story? we heard one account that tiger woods showed up at the hospital. >> i did not see that. brian: the incredible stress that family is under must be indescribable. we have more tiger woods information. we are looking for more details from the highway patrol in orlando. steve: thank you for those updates. alisyn: the death toll continues to rise in baghdad. at least 112 people, including many women and children, are confirmed dead. 200 are confirmed injured. the coordinated attack hit three areas, near government sites.
8:05 am
gunfire also broke out. this is the worst wave of violence in a month. they say that they sought to undermine the government in the months before the election. u.s. troops are helping in the investigation. a chicago man that helped to plot the deadly attack in india, he perform surveillance for a pakistan-based terror group. he was charged with 12 counts of conspiracy. the lawyer says that he is still looking at the evidence. the senate is expected to take up an amendment restricting abortion coverage in the health care reform bill. the offer of the amendment said that taxpayer money should not be used to fund taxpayer abortion. >> i believe that the current health care fund should not be used to open a new avenue.
8:06 am
we should preserve the current policy, prohibiting use of taxpayer policy for abortion, that has existed for more than three decades. alisyn: orrin hatch will join us in 10 minutes. good news for parents, those zhu zhu pets are safe. they meet federal safety standards. some group had claimed that mr. squiggles was toxic, but more than 220,000 are now being made every day to keep up with overwhelming demand. those are your headlines. brian: time to bring in one of the nation's most beloved talk- show hosts. laura ingram. welcome back to "fox & friends." according to the secretary of defense, we just landed in kabul. relieved?
8:07 am
>> we were talking about this. the v word or w word could not cross his lips. some people said that was pragmatic. but clearly the reason that the secretary of defense made the trip was because our troops needed to know that whatever timeframe we are looking at, when we are there we want to win this. our troops need to hear that. steve: in addition, one thing that was discussed was the cost of each man and woman over there. $1 million per person. tommy karzai apparently said that we will help, but we will need money from the u.s. treasury for the next 20 years for our own security. >> this is where president obama starts to lose the american people in droves. it is already not popular to be
8:08 am
over there. no. 2, when people see deficits as far as the eye can see, and i know that we are going to talk about copenhagen, which is another issue, we are tapped out. go to china, buddy. ask them for the help. this will not fly. alisyn: copenhagen, a lot is going on. interesting news, al gore is on track to become the world's first carbon billionaire. i did not know that this was a title that we could strive for. he has made so much money by investing in green companies and giving extensive talks. but there is nothing wrong with making money, is there? >> nothing wrong with making money. just do not try to take my money away from me. at some point you have to wonder, if this was an oil
8:09 am
related issue and some republican was making a lot of money off of the oil industry and arguing about how green jobs are a fantasy, the press might say -- wait a second, is there a conflict of interest with what you're saying? look, the hot air out of his mouth is the only thing that we have to worry about. i started to watch this rebroadcast of the opening ceremonies in copenhagen, this is like a combination of the soviet union and a religious revival. this is a travesty. you have to watch this. very funny. brian: by the way, you brought up russia -- they were the ones that have into it and it released these 400 e-mails that should be rocking copenhagen right now. alisyn: what is wrong with this situation when these great and
8:10 am
incorruptible countries want to have an investigation into these countries, and what is the point? the u.s. should be standing for facts in science. we have talked about this before, it is not about climate change or polar bears, this is about a concerted global effort to reduce the standard of living for all americans. that is what this is about. nothing to do with global warming or any of that. steve: yesterday the epa said they would start controlling emissions, and that will have a huge impact on businesses. ", but the hypocrisy of the fact that you have these thousands of people in copenhagen, apparently they rented out
8:11 am
limousines. bringing them from across europe. it required 1200 limos. something like over 100 airplanes. >> they have got limousine lock. in the last time i checked, al gore did not fly i hybrid. this situation is so hypocritical on so many levels. this is a global party time. dicaprio is there. poor old darryl hannah is there. every manner of global nutbag is there. steve: we just showed you video of the buses that they made available, but why use them when you can use a limousine? >> the best thing of all, you
8:12 am
know those fancy parties with the towers of caviar? apparently there is a run on these things, but it is all sustainable. the other irony, of all of the limousines in all of copenhagen, there are only five that are electric or hybrids, because of the extremely high taxes they cannot afford to have those hybrid cars. >> of the rules apply to the little people, not to them. brian: i think she is talking to me. hey, president obama is talking about jobs today. do we have any money left? he wants to use the t.a.r.p. for jobs programs. is that allowed? >> t.a.r.p. has become
8:13 am
legislative silly putty. you can put it on anything, it changes shape. the one thing that we know, president obama said that maybe we can use some of it for deficit reduction. this money should go back to the people of the united states. instead he is giving a big speech about whetheeat therization [laughter] alisyn: stick around. the tea party movement, could become a actual party? brian: he is 90 years old and a mental health -- he is being told to take down his stars and stripes or else. steve: hemmer@fox"fox & friendss
8:14 am
going to the dogs.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
steve: welcome back. take a look at this. 23% of americans would support a hypothetical tea party party in the next election. alisyn: what does this mean for the future of the gop? laura ingram, we just had a guest on, a woman who identified herself as a part of the tea herself as a part of the tea
8:18 am
gretchen: one of the terms that you use in the book -- common sense conservatives. could there be a common-sense conservative party? >> if the republicans do not get their act together, we need to build this country on respect for the military and that smaller government. i understand what they are saying. alisyn: what do you think of this tea party party? >> i think that she is onto something. obviously a lot of people out there are disenchanted with politics as usual. given what we have seen lately on capitol hill, it looks like republicans are hearing them. you have got to have passion, fax, and substance if you are going to defeat the democrats. i think that the poll is interesting, but three parties will hurt the republicans more than the democrats.
8:19 am
in the first one that had mark rubio on national radio. at the time i was ridiculed by friends, but i said that this kid had something. that he had the passion and that he connected with audiences. that is a good thing for politics. it will probably be a two party situation. but the tea party movement has kicked the republicans in the pants. brian: did the ridiculed come from steve? steve: not per se. >> exactly. by the way, that red jacket on the cover of sarah palin's book, we are going to auction it off for charity. steve: fantastic. check it out on your web site.
8:20 am
she kicks off her radio show in about 40 minutes on many radio stations across the country. alisyn: convenient, that is when we go off the air. meanwhile, federal funding for abortion, said to be debated in the senate today. steve: john stay most, of being blackmailed? what do they allegedly have and what do they want in return? details, coming up.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
alisyn: 23 minutes after the hour, here is what is happening now. the hat of the hero that belonged to capt. sullen berger, right now the highest
8:24 am
bid is at $26,000. this is not the one that he wore during his landing because he was not wearing a hat during that flight. after john stamos refused to back down from blackmailers he went to the fbi. a michigan couple attempted to release compromising photographs of him in florida. the fbi caught them. brian: the health care reform bill on the senate side, one of the sponsors is threatening to oppose the entire proposal if his measure fails. could this be real health care altogether? joining us now is an amendment cosponsor, senator orrin hatch. why do you think that this amendment is doomed to fail? >> in 1977 the congress got
8:25 am
tired of the federal government paying for abortions. they came up with it the hyde amendment. it is enacted every year. this bill does not require preparations, so we have to take it here. march stupak, -- bart stupak as a similar amendment in the house. brian: democrats saying they will not vote for a house version if it looks like there is federal funding for abortion, but it gets through. so, you are right by the shoulder of ben nelson. breaking it down, no federal funding for abortions, correct? >> that is right. in other words you can have your abortion, but do not call upon the federal government to pay for it. this says that no federal funds can be used for abortion.
8:26 am
but you can purchase a private policy as long as you do not use federal funds. brian: ben nelson has been out in front on this all weekend. how many votes do you think it will get? >> no question about it, most democrats cannot seem to do -- go even though this is something that most people would agree to, they cannot seem to bring themselves to vote for it. should the consciences of people before to participate in the abortion question? catholic churches? catholic hospitals? do they have to participate? can you exercise your right not to participate? another issue that we have to resolve sooner or later.
8:27 am
brian: you need 60. you will probably get all the republicans if you need. will you lose senator nelson in his line is not adopted in the final version? >> the big vote is cloture. if cloture is a vote, we will have this awful health care bill and a lot more. that will be the beginning of the take up for america on behalf of the federal government. but the odds are that it will be an uphill battle on this particular moment. brian: thank you for bringing us behind closed doors. the cameras are apparently not allowed inside. thank you so much. straight ahead, we are following the developing story of a woman
8:28 am
taken out of tyre woods' home at 2:30 this morning. we will try to find out who she is. then -- he put his life on the line for his country, earning him the medal of honor. now this 90-year-old american hero is not allowed to fly his stars and stripes. now, we have gotten a bit more agile. k-ninescanines, jumping throughs for us. ♪
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8:32 am
alisyn: this is a fox news alert. at 2:30 this morning an unidentified woman was rushed to the hospital in orlando from the home of tiger woods. here is the video that was taken as she went into the hospital. it does not seem to be as urgent as we had first heard. you can see ems people running her into the hospital. we still do not know what the situation was or who this woman is. steve: a woman in her 50's with blond hair, possibly. shortly after that woman arrived a black escalade called up.
8:33 am
that particular escalade, apparently just a couple of license plate digits away from the now infamous escalade crashed by tiger woods at that fire hydrant. a young blonde woman matching the description of the wife of tiger woods went into the hospital. she did not run, she took her time. there's a third story that tiger woods showed up promptly thereafter. the headline is that the woman who was transported in at 2:36 has been released from the hospital. the same place that tighter went. >> the story this morning -- brian: the story this morning is that the state trooper that gave his facts to the prosecutor to see if they would go for a
8:34 am
subpoena last week? details about that morning have come out. it says that tiger woods, according to his wife, was on ambien and vicoden at that time. it was speculated that he had been using alcohol. steve: tmz reported today that when tiger woods was reported to the hospital on the night in question, his edmontons chart listed overdose. -- and a tent -- admittance chart listed overdosed. alisyn: perhaps some of those reports from one week ago said that he was in much more dire condition than his website said later that day. all of this may or may not be connected.
8:35 am
brian: this story just keeps going. meanwhile, president obama is focused on getting americans back to work. he might use leftover t.a.r.p. money to do it. mike, we are not using t.a.r.p. to pay him. [laughter] what can you tell us about the legality of using that t.a.r.p. money for a jobs program? >> my understanding is that he would have to ask congress to draft legislation to authorize using the t.a.r.p. money because the initial legislation was carefully worded for financial institutions and not other spending. he would have to go to congress for job creation. the president gave us a bit of a preview of what he would say yesterday in the all office. listen.
8:36 am
>> we have finally moved into positive territory on economic growth. the biggest challenge now is making sure that job growth matches up. >> i understand that he will be asking for incentives to give small businesses and incentive if they are willing to hire people. if you weatherize your home it will be more efficient, of putting people back to work. we understand that he is going to give money to state and local governments to do infrastructure projects to put people back to work. steve: so, they set aside $700 billion to fix the financial services industry. fast forward, they have got some money left over. plus $116 billion back from the
8:37 am
big banks. you know, it boggles the mind. it is still our money that they are taking from our pockets. >> only in washington do you get the money back and figure out how to spend it again. they feel that with 10% unemployment people are not happy with the pr in terms of bailing out wall street. and they think that using it on main street will be received better. alisyn: which is exactly right, so many people ask why the president did not talk about jobs. where have we heard this before? it sounds awfully familiar. let's listen. [no audio] [applause] >> yesterday, house republicans sent a letter to the president
8:38 am
outlining our ideas to help small businesses create jobs and get the economy moving again. >> small businesses are the ones that have actually created jobs. >> we need to focus it -- focus on helping small businesses grow. >> american taxpayers know that we cannot borrow our way to prosperity and that the real economic engine is prosperity. >> anchored by the ingenuity and creativity of small businesses across the country. steve: there you go, a number of republicans. they all say that the key to job creation is helping small businesses. that is the engine to get jobs going. for this president or democratic congress to propose t.a.r.p.
8:39 am
funds for anything other than deficit reduction is a violation of a lot. brian: what do you think we should do with the money? "it to go back to the taxpayers close " according to allan. alisyn: "give it all to richard branson to take congress into outer space on his new enterprise and leave them there." [laughter] steve: finally, from david -- "i truly believe that each individual that filed a tax return in 2008 should receive a check for $3,000. this would have an immediate affect on the economy and job growth." keep in mind, statistics out there right now, the white house says that stimulus program that
8:40 am
has created all of those jobs, if you do the math it means that each job cost half of a million dollars. alisyn: most of the senate money has not been spent. maybe that should be spent before the 2nd stimulus. brian: did you hear about this? homicide bombers strike in pakistan. 12 people killed. the taliban as claiming responsibility. meanwhile, suspected u.s. missile strike near the afghan border killed three militants. pakistani militants have protested in the past. steve: more people are coming to the defense of amanda knox, who has just started serving a 26
8:41 am
year prison sentence for murder after being found guilty in italy. peter van sant says that he is convinced that the american student did not murder her roommate. ion "the o'reilly factor" he talked about -- on "via riley factor" he talked about this -- "the o'reilly factor" he talked about this. >> she was grilled for 14 hours, all live long. no food, water, or representation. steve: the jurors and said that the decision was agonizing and that none of the jurors could sleep the night before. it took more than 11 hours for them to reach a unanimous decision. alisyn: we told you about the world war ii medal of honor winner that is fighting to keep his flagpole in his front yard.
8:42 am
one homeowners group wanted to take it down. here is what robert gibbs had to say. >> it is silly to think that someone who has done that cannot have a flagpole and show the proper respect and appreciation that any flag deserves by flying and in their neighborhood. alisyn: the homeowners association said that the flag pole violates the neighborhood's aesthetic guidelines. those are your guidelines. steve: new this morning, the job approval rating has fallen to 47%, the lowest number ever recorded for any president at this point in their term. back with us in a moment, a look at history. alisyn: later on, "fox & friends" goes to the dogs.
8:43 am
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(voice 3) great exercise guys. let's run it again.
8:46 am
alisyn: a surprising new poll this morning shows that the president's approval rating has fallen to 47%. the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point in his term. our fox news analyst is here. this is quite significant. >> it is. if you look at other presidents over time, people with closer elections, people would do presidencies, like president nixon and -- with doomed presidencies, like president nixon and jimmy carter, they had hired numbers this far in.
8:47 am
john kennedy had a 77% approval rating at this point. in terms of the benchmark it is an ominous view in terms of the poll numbers. alisyn: let's take a look at some of these. george w. bush, by this time there was a war going on. he was at 86%. >> remember, along with a couple of other elections in american history, it was one of the most hotly contested, in which he lost the popular vote. even though in doing so he was at a substantially higher approval rating. alisyn: remember, president clinton got off to a bumpy start. >> his approval rating was 52%. he had that don't ask, don't tell policy. he had the travelgate issues and
8:48 am
the beginning of the first health care reform questions. alisyn: despite that, five points higher than president obama. >> remember, he went on to reelection, obviously. it was a difficult second term, but he went on to re-election. harry truman was at 49%, if you go back. harry truman had that kind of surprise upset victory over dewey. many newspapers predicted that truman would lose. he was just two points above where president obama is. he had been a wartime president, ending world war ii with the dropping of the atomic bomb. alisyn: what about george w. bush at this time? 71%. >> behind number. it went on to -- a high number.
8:49 am
it went on to lower numbers over time. interesting. ronald reagan had a 49% approval rating. alisyn: that is close to president obama. >> and he went on to re- election. interestingly, he had a 49% approval rating despite the assassination attempt. you would think that there would be a tremendous amount of sympathy for the oldest president to have recovered from this terrible attempt. i suspect that if health care passes, the president's numbers will go up. but there has not been a significant legislative accomplishment and at this point the president is hampered by two wars, a historic procession, by health care issues that may be stalling.
8:50 am
the belief by some americans is that he is not a mainstream president. alisyn: bad news for him. but all of these numbers show that you can turn it around. >> he is a great politician and or later, we will have to see. alisyn: next, check out these competitive canines. they are training for a race. can your dog keep it up -- keep up the pace? first, let's check with bill hemmer. bill: the morning. what happened at tiger woods' home? also, is the public option dying in the senate? every single day, we want to know if it is dangerous to your health. find out in 10 minutes on this tuesday edition of "america's newsroom." . . .
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from brian: i wake up every morning wondering, how agile carmine dogs? steve: i wake up every morning wondering do i have to make up this early? and joining us right now outside our headquarters is a spokesperson for eukanuba. and these are the kinds of dogs that take part in this challenge. >> that is right. we will have 5000 jobdogs competing.
8:55 am
brian: let's see how they do. cue the music! >> these are the weave poles. this is the tunnel. now he is going through the chute. brian: are they barking at each other or for each other? >> and they are barking because they are having fun. this is neo, the obedience champion. steve: and they need a little direction, right?
8:56 am
>> in the beginning, yes. they have a handler telling them where to go. brian: this is going to be -- >> in long beach, california this weekend. steve: maddie, let's go! >> you can go to to learn more about this. if you cannot make it to california this weekend, you can want it on animal planet. steve: we will be right back.
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